FEB 9 - WORKSHOP: Yoga Fundamentals w/ Lys

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FEB 9 - WORKSHOP: Yoga Fundamentals w/ Lys


Perfect for :

  • New students and beginner yogis

  • Those looking to refine their knowledge of the basic elements of asana (poses)

  • Those who want to learn more about alignment

  • All ages, levels and experience

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Feb 9th


Yoga For All, 39 Bolton St, Newcastle

Join Lyssa for this 2hr workshop and learn the following :

  • The correct alignment in poses with consideration to personal injuries, the shape of your skeleton and other differentiating factors

  • Which muscles do you over use and which are not being activated? (compensation patterns)

  • How to prevent injuries in Yoga

  • Common misalignments in a Yang practice

Although alignment differs somewhat from student to student it is important to understand what is considered safe and also to work out any ‘bad habits’ that could potentially lead to injury long term.

Whether you are new to the practice of have been practicing a while, this workshop is recommended as a foundational part of your Yoga practice. There will also be opportunity for Q & A, something there isn’t often time for in a regular class setting.

About Lyssa

Lyssa is an E-RYT200 and the owner of Yoga For All. She has been teaching yoga for several years and is experienced in working with different body types, abilities and backgrounds. She’s passionate about helping people gain the most from their practice is an safe and supportive way. She wants her students to be able to practice yoga for the long term and that comes with being meticulous (and maybe sometimes a little obsessive) about injury prevention.