AUG 24 ~ WORKSHOP : Shift Your Chakras with Erica Bowron


AUG 24 ~ WORKSHOP : Shift Your Chakras with Erica Bowron


Perfect for:

  • anyone who has practiced a little or a lot of yoga and wants to know more about the deeper layers of the body.

  • anyone who has a specific “stuck” part of their physical yoga practice (eg “I hate backbends” or “my hips just won’t open”) and wants to investigate further.

  • anyone who is just curious to learn more!

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AUG 24th


Yoga For All, 39 Bolton St, Newcastle

Tix : $50

An introductory workshop and yoga class to learn more about the subtle anatomy (energetic centres or chakras) of the body and how it interplays with our physical body, emotions, yoga practice and broader life.

The 7 energy centres, or chakras, of the body work best when they are ‘spinning’ freely. When they are balanced (not excessive, deficient or blocked) the chakras assist in regulating emotions, clearing remnants of past hurts, habits and unhelpful patterns.

This workshop will introduce, at a basic level, each of the 7 chakras; their attributes, colours, vibrations, corresponding body parts and the various yoga poses and techniques that can be used to aid in unblocking and re-balancing the entire system. 

This workshop will consist of:

* a brief presentation and introduction to the chakras

* a dynamic yoga class (asana, pranayama, chanting) focussing through each chakra 

* a deep, nourishing Yoga Nidra and extended Savasana to finish.

About Erica:

Erica began teaching in 2010 and trained with Samadhi Yoga (now Jivamukti Yoga, Sydney) and Mick Barnes at The Yoga Factory, Sydney. She is passionate about people realising how awesome they are, yoga, music and laughing. Her teaching style is energetic, easygoing and down to earth.