OCT 20 ~ EVENT : Satsang with Yantra - Ji


OCT 20 ~ EVENT : Satsang with Yantra - Ji


Perfect for :

Those curious about self-enquiry

Those looking to take their practice deeper

Those wanting to better understand all aspects of yoga

Everybody else

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Sunday October 20th, 1pm - 3pm

Tix : $40

Satsang with Yantra-Ji

SATSANG means : To meet together in the presence and confirmation of the truth

It is an opportunity to gather together as a community (or in common unity) to talk, listen and learn more about the deeper truths within us all.

Join Yantra-ji in an exploration and discovery of the true nature of Self – through stillness, silence, reflection, meditation, conscious dialogue, opening and sharing.

‘Discover the truth that regardless of gender, form, identity, life, or circumstance – this that you are is always here, fresh, present and free in every moment.’

Satsang offers an opportunity to ask deeper questions, through the process of stillness and inquiry.

Satsang with Yantra-ji is an exploration and discovery of the true nature of Self. Through her gentle nature & love of truth, Yantra is committed to true awakening, confirming the truth of who you are – this One Self. This that you are and have always been, is undeniably free, at peace – silent loving awareness, living as itself.

” What is essential is to know who you are
At your very Core
At your very essence
When everything that you thought you could identify as drops away
That which remains is the truth
Present Free Unchanging
In a world of change
Who You Are remains changeless ”

~ Yantra-ji

For more about Yantra visit : http://livingalignment.com/about/about-yantra/