JAN 20 - WORKSHOP: Yoga For Kids w/ Marlee

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JAN 20 - WORKSHOP: Yoga For Kids w/ Marlee


Perfect for:

  • kids aged 5-12 years

  • beginners to yoga kids

  • looking for something different to do in the holidays

  • parents who want their children to learn mindfulness movement and breathing

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Give your child the gift of yoga early in life. Classes will support your child to learn body awareness, mindfulness and confidence while having lots of fun! 

Parents are welcome to stay and join in or drop off and enjoy a coffee. 

When: 20th Jan 11am- 12noon

Cost: $10 per child 

Minimum Age: 5 years old 

About Marlee: Marlee uses her skills in yoga teaching and speech pathology to support your child to access the world of yoga in a safe and supported environment.