SEPT 19 ~ 6 WEEK COURSE : Hridaya Meditation w/ Tamara Coughlan


SEPT 19 ~ 6 WEEK COURSE : Hridaya Meditation w/ Tamara Coughlan


Perfect if you :

  • want to gain a deeper understanding of meditation practices

  • have some meditation experience and want to learn more

  • are curious to explore more around Non-Duality and the Hridaya Meditation methods

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Hridaya Yoga 6 Week Meditation Course

A beautiful introduction into the journey of the Heart. This is an opportunity to fall deeper in love with the joy of meditation. 
Hridaya Yoga: the Yoga of the Spiritual Heart is a transformative path that draws from classical yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, Sufism and contemplative traditions. Over 6 weeks  you will learn heart opening meditation techniques, how to calm the mind, the method of Ramana Maharshi’s self-enquiry and the Witness Consciousness. Ultimately, revealing more awareness and stillness in your life. An invitation to live with an open heart.

Where : Yoga For All Bolton, 39 Bolton Street, Newcastle

When : Thursdays 7.15pm - 8.45pm, 19th September - 24th October

Cost : $120

What students are saying :

The meditation course I did with Tamara was the first time I had heard about Hridaya meditation.  I had always used meditation as a way to slow my busy brain down and expected this to be more of the same.  What it was for me was transformational.  The conscious connection to living from my heart space has been life changing.  I can still feel changes happening within me months later.  My perspective is different and I have a calm and peacefulness inside me that I’ve never had before.  Tam creates a space that is safe, inclusive and nurturing which allowed us all to be raw and vulnerable together.  It was an amazing experience!

Jenny M