NOV 9 : EVENT ~ A Forrest Yoga Immersion with Lyssa Breeze

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NOV 9 : EVENT ~ A Forrest Yoga Immersion with Lyssa Breeze


Perfect for :

  • Forrest Yogi’s

  • The Forrest Yoga curious (aka newbies)

  • Everyone else

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Forrest Yoga Immersion with Lyssa Breeze

Experience your body in a whole new way through the modality of Forrest Yoga.

Forrest Yoga is an intelligently sequenced practice that takes in to consideration the following :

  • injuries

  • individual body types

  • emotional trauma

  • mental capacity

  • physical capability

In short, this practice is genius. It doesn’t matter what you can or cannot do, each class is guaranteed to meet you where you are at in your practice whilst offering enough of a challenge for you to feel you have grown, in all ways.

Experience an hour of ceremony, signature to Forrest Yoga including meditation, song and ceremony. From ceremony we shift in to the physical practice where we start to connect with what is it that’s really going on inside? This immersion is designed to shift your perspective, help you get unstuck and leave you feeling as though you’ve sorted out at least half of your worries and stresses.

Spaces limited.

Yoga For All

November 9th

12.30pm - 3.30pm

Tix : $60