APRIL 6 :Yoga For Desk-Dwellers w/ Lys


APRIL 6 :Yoga For Desk-Dwellers w/ Lys


Perfect for :

  • Office workers

  • Those who sit and/or stand most of the day

  • Anyone with tight hips and low back, neck and/or shoulder pain

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Do you spend the majority of your day sitting or standing?

Spending long periods of time in one position isn't ideal for any of us but often when we have a full time job it's hard to find the time and/or motivation to then go to Yoga after a big day at the office right?

This course is specifically designed to target the parts of the body mostly affected by sitting (that could be a desk job, driving, travelling in general or other).

Level : Everybody (injured, beginners, never done yoga, seasoned yoga people) 
When : 6th April
Where : Yoga For All Bolton
Time: 1.30-3.30pm
Cost : early bird $45 (until 25th March) full price $50
Teacher : Lyssa