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Deep Clean Detox w/Lys (4 Week programme)

Deep Clean Detox

4 Week Spring Detox

When we think ‘detox’ it’s often from a physical perspective of juicing, flushing out our bodies, cutting out ‘bad’ food etc. All of which is fully relevant and valid but what if we start to look a little deeper and consider how we can detox not just on a physical level but emotional and mental too.

If we consider the notion that an emotion is simply ‘energy in motion’(e-motion) then where do all our unprocessed emotions go?  It is thought they eventually manifest (for want of a better, less esoteric word) as physical tension and/or injuries. 

And then we look at how this ‘pain’ in our body takes its toll not only on our physical body but affects the quality of our state of mind and mental health too.

This 4 week Detox has been put together to look at the following:

·         What ‘stories’ are ‘stuck’ in our physical body and more importantly, how can we release them?

·         What is our emotional connection with food? And what positive habits can we cultivate in order to improve our relationship with food?

·         What if we can find ways to effectively process our emotions so there is less scope for them to manifest as physical matter?

·         How can we implement little parts of this programme into our daily lives to improve the quality of our relationship with ourselves and others and assist us in living a fuller, more pleasurable life?

The course includes:

3 Studio practices per week (any classes at BOLTON and/or HUNTER)

2 home practices per week

3 day juice cleanse

Daily Meditation exercises

Daily Pranayama exercises

Basic Kriyas Processes (neti, tongue scraping)

Sat morning meeting 8am-9.45am will comprise of Art Therapy, Shamanic Work, Thai Yoga Massage partner work and last week Ceremonial work.

Daily guidance via email and/or phone to help process and integrate the programme personally


Cost: $399

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