Natalie Brazil


About Natalie: Nat’s classes are based on a classical hatha style with a strong focus on breath awareness alongside flowing (vinyasa) asana and relaxation. She has a respect for safety and correct alignment whilst maintaining the flow and the art of yoga. She encourages you to tune in deeply to the needs and wisdom of your own body. She has taught yoga in Brisbane, Newcastle and Maitland, has a Bachelor degree in Medical Imaging, continues to work as a Radiographer and is a mother of two little people. Her classes are fun, offer a sense of community as well as a depth of knowledge, enthusiasm, great jokes and are suitable for all yogis including beginners. She loves to share her love of yoga.

Influenced by: Natalie was inspired to inquire into the many facets of yoga after travelling through that crazy little corner of the world called India. She has been exploring a variety of styles since 2000 and teaching since completing her Level One & Two teacher training through Byron Yoga Centre in 2009. She also has a Certificate in Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training for Conscious Birthing with Janice Clarfield. Her teaching style is strongly influenced by her current teacher Clive Sheridan who blends pranayama, asana, as well as the advaita vedanta and tantric philosophies. Natalie is passionate about the many amazing benefits of yoga after experiencing for herself the transformative effect of a daily practice of meditation, breath awareness and asana.