Claudia King

claudia king yoga for all newcastle

Specializes in:  Purna, Vinyasa Flow, Womens Yoga 

Influenced by:  Hatha, Purna, Ashtanga, Womens Yoga 

About Claudia: I was born in Sydney, but count myself as a Newcastle bred girl. I have always found myself immersed in literature and the performing arts. I spend a lot of my time working with stories, on page and stage, as a way of connecting audiences to the emotions and fundamental states that make us human. 

My first experience of yoga was as a 10 year old (clad in pyjamas - no Lululemon there!) when I practiced a vinyasa DVD with my Mum. I still thank her for this introduction, as it meant I didn't shy away from the opportunity to dive into the practice as a young adult. At 18, studying ESL teaching in Sydney, a daily yoga session was one of the few moments in which I felt grounded in a bustling city. It didn't take long before I was completing my YTT200hr in Byron Bay.  

I deeply believe in the power of maintaining a beginners mentality. Our practice can morph daily and it is so important to listen to the changes that your body is asking for. My classes are developed to cater to the unique states and needs of each body and mind. My goal is to help students access their breath as a communication tool with their body, working through layers of tension and conditioning to find physical and emotional release.  

During a session, we balance strength and softness, fire and water, rhythm and silence. We acknowledge the eternal journey of the practice and surrender to power and joy of this path.

Claudia’s classes create a space for grounding, shifting and searching for what resonates with each student in the room. She completed her 200hr YTT at Byron Yoga Centre, where she was immersed in a traditional Hatha practice. Since then, she has explored the heat of Ashtanga yoga in the hills of Portugal, the ease of Shakti Yoga in her study of womb and women’s practices, and the peace of yoga nidra as a style of deep relaxation and meditation. These various styles coalesce in her teaching, supporting the various needs of anyone who arrives to practice. 

Yoga has the capacity to help us return to the roots of the self. Deeper than our identity, beyond our personality, this is a place of pure energy and divinity. In teaching yoga, I hope to assist students in invoking their inner teacher, tapping into their source of innate wisdom. Through this reconnection with self, the hustle and grind of the world starts to dissolve. Union between body and mind creates balance, bringing peace to the yogi as well as those around them.