At Yoga for All our aim is to educate our students on the diversity of yoga. We offer a range of different styles including Flow, Yin, Forrest Inspired, Ashtanga and Hridaya. 

All our classes are suitable for all levels, ages and abilities. Our experienced teachers are all equipped with the necessary skills to teach to a broad spectrum of levels and abilities. In short, you can't go to the 'wrong' class. We pride ourselves on being friendly and welcoming and we'd love for you to start your yoga journey with us at Yoga for All.

We supply mats and props, so you just need to bring yourself, a hand towel and some water.

Flow 1

Suitable for : ALL LEVELS

A movement based class. Simple, fluid movements linked to breath in a continuous flow. These classes focus on the basic asanas (poses).  More attention is spent covering the fundamentals and foundations of a physical yoga practice. Perfect if you are newer to yoga or want to refresh on the basics.

Flow 2


These classes focus on strengthening and deepening your practice. Working towards more progressive transitions and advanced asanas (poses). An opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and take your yoga practice deeper in all ways.

Forrest Inspired Yoga

Suitable for : ALL LEVELS  

A strength based class with a strong focus on breath, a slower paced flow and core strengthening work. Explore new poses and challenge yourself physically and mentally.

Flow + Let Go

Suitable for :  ALL LEVELS 

A yummy mix of more active movement with some long, deep holds. A little sweaty, a little stretchy. 

Yin Yoga

Suitable for : ALL LEVELS 

Long, static stretchy poses targeting the deep tissues with a focus on relaxation and mindful presence. 

Hridaya Hatha Yoga

Suitable for : ALL LEVELS 

Long holds in traditional yoga poses encouraging deep relaxation and tension release. This is a contemplative practice and calming for the mind.  


Suitable for : ALL LEVELS 

Learn simple and effective techniques to gain a better understanding of your mind and its essence.  Whether you are brand new to meditation or have a practice and are seeking a group to sit with, all you need is the curiosity to learn what meditation really is.

Movement For All

Suitable for : ALL LEVELS 

We've created Movement For All as a way to help you all develop a more well rounded physical practice, limiting injury prone areas and weakness in the body.

What to expect :

  • Outdoor mixed workout

  • Strength training

  • Weights

  • HIIT

  • Dynamic moving & mobility

  • Breathwork