Chloe Dredz


Influenced by: Chloe is influenced by traditional Hatha Yoga with an interested in both tantric and vedanta philosophy. She has worked alongside John Ogilvie, founder of Byron Yoga Centre, cultivating a strong focus on alignment and student safety. Chloe tries to spend time with her teacher Clive Sheridan each year, deepening her pranayama and meditation practice and honouring his intentions of clearing the mind to open the heart.

About Chloe: Chloe has been a student and teacher of yoga for over a decade. With a dedicated asana, pranayama and meditation practice, yoga is an integral part of Chloe’s life. Serious practice began in India in 2008, where Chloe undertook her first intensive teacher training. In 2011 Chloe completed her 800 hour Certificate IV with Byron Yoga Centre and worked as a senior trainer on 200 and 500 hour teacher training programmes in both Australia and internationally.

Chloe regularly returns to India to extend her personal studies, as well as completing and leading yoga kids trainings, teen yoga trainings, restorative and yin training. Alongside yoga teaching, Chloe is a qualified high school Physical Education teacher and delivers yoga and meditation in schools to teenagers.

Chloe’s classes are inclusive, educational and encourage students to find their own inner harmony through a blend of asana, pranayama and meditation. For Chloe yoga practice is about cultivating aliveness and joy, and she tries not to take herself too seriously.