EVENT: Yin Yoga & Bowen Therapy W Tamara & Julie


EVENT: Yin Yoga & Bowen Therapy W Tamara & Julie



- if you want to deepen your yin practice more therapeutically

- becoming more aware of the subtle sensation 

- deepen the body’s natural relaxation and healing response 

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Julie has found that during her own yoga practice that a Bowen move can deepen the response of the body and facilitate release to enhance the relaxation and healing effects of various Yin poses.

Bowen Therapy is a body therapy that employs gentle moves at particular points around the body that triggers the relaxation  
response.  It does this by activating healing flow via the fascia and stimulating the innate balancing intelligence of the body.  This is much like the effects of Yin Yoga.  During this collaborative workshop, Tamara will direct a Yin practice//class and Julie will  perform moves particular to the area of the body that is being addressed by the poses. 

DATE: Friday 19th October

TIME:  - 6pm-8pm

TIX : $50