Yin Yoga - Saturday 22 Feb 2014

I've been asked for the Yin Yoga sequence from yesterday's class by a few people, so here it is. The big focus of this class was feeling the rebound of the poses after the loooong holds, and learning when to hold back and when to push. Please take it easy as you move into these poses, and please take at least a minute after each pose to feel your body respond to the deep work you're doing to your tissue. 

Half Saddle 8 mins each side (savasana)
Butterfly 8 mins (windshield wipe knees to counterpose, then Savasana to rebound)
Half Dragonfly 8 mins each side, 4 mins in twist (savasana)
Sukhasana/Square 8 mins each side (windshield wipe knees to counterpose, then Savasana to rebound)
Dead Bug (with strap optional) 6 mins
Freestyle, hip rotations, tantrumasana :) 3 mins
Savasana 10 mins

28 Days of Yin

Some of you may be aware that we're undertaking the very fun 28 Days of Yin social experiment...how does slowing down for five minutes every day make YOU feel? 

I've been asked to create a permanent folder on our Facebook page featuring all the poses, and I'll be writing a couple of sequences to share with you guys, using some of the poses we've shared, so you can keep your home practice going if you wish. 

It's been fun (though I can't say I enjoy having my photos plastered all over the internets! haha). 

Click here to view the album.