The Importance of Morning Rituals

The Importance of Morning Rituals

Morning rituals are something I am constantly working on refining and re-evaluating as my lifestyle continues to change, grow and evolve. What I’ve realized is they can quickly become over-complicated and long-winded and as a consequence massive overwhelm sets in. For me this causes inertia and instead of starting my day with clarity I find myself lounging in bed, snoozing x 3 and scrolling through social media. Not a great way to start the day.

But morning rituals don’t need to be hard, long or complicated.

Here’s how :

1.     Set your intention

Morning routines bring a sense of purpose, peace and ritual into your day, they also give you a solid foundation for whatever the day throws at you. The good news ? We all wake up with a blank slate which gives us the perfect opportunity to reset (irrespective of what occurred the day before) to ensure a productive day ahead.

This is where setting your daily intent is paramount.

As you wake dedicate the first few minutes to connecting with how you would like to go about your day. What is one thing you would like to do better today? Eg Slow down, be kind to yourself, be less reactive and so on.  Once you are clear on your intent the rest of your day flows on from here.

To get clear on your intent here are some tips :

1.     Journal

2.     Meditate

3.     Do it in the shower (all great ideas happen in the shower plus it’s something you are doing anyway so no extra time is needed!)


2.     Consistency

We are creatures of habit (whether we like it or not). The more consistently we do something the more likely that is to form a positive habit in our lives. Very often we feel we need to make big changes when actually it’s the little things we do (the 1%ers) on a daily basis that have the biggest impact. Sure we’d all love to do 8 hours of yoga followed by long meditation and a leisurely stroll along the beach before work but really, who honestly has the time to do this on a daily baisis? Be honest and realistic with what you can do each morning and commit to this on a daily basis.



1.     Learn to multitask. E.g set your intention whilst showering, give yourself a belly massage whilst brushing your teeth and so on. These are all things you do anyway so adding in extra value is a great way to start your day without using up any extra time

2.     Before you pump yourself with a gallon of your favourite cold drip commit to drinking a litre of lemon water, basically lemons (organic) in water (not tap!!) This has numerous benefits including digestive aid, boosts your immune and improves your skin plus you can do this whilst you are going about your morning so again, no extra time required

3.     Hold off on the email and social networks. Set a curfew at night and commit to a time your break that curfew the next day. E.g No social media after 7pm until 12pm the next day. This one is a hard one at first, but it’s worth it. Think of the clarity of mind you’ll gain and how that will positively impact your day. 

4.     Develop a mindfulness based practice. Firstly, get rid of the old notion that this needs to be hours of yoga, meditation or whatever else! That’s not true. The length of time you do these practices for is irrelevant compared to the quality of attention you give them. E.g if you do 1 yoga pose first thing in the morning but give that pose your full undivided attention then that is so much more beneficial than a 75 min class where you spend the whole time stressing about getting to work on time. Ci?

My routine

·         Meditate (5 mins)

·         Do 5 mins of abdominal breathing (5 mins)

·         Drink 1 litre of lemon water (on the go)

·         Do 1 yoga pose (usually an inversion - 5 mins)

·         Shower and set intention for my day (on the go)


This routine works for me because no matter where I am, what time I have to get up or how I’m feeling they are easy, achievable and realistic tasks and they have a huge impact on the quality of my day and how I show up for myself and others.

Give it a go! Create your own mini daily ritual practice and notice the difference straight away.

Lys x x