Yoga for Your Toes (and Feet)

A quick flow for your yogi toes and feet.

I sprained my ankle a few months back and have been doing this little flow regularly as rehab. It's an awesome way to stimulate the flow of qi to the feet, to build strength and flexibility in the feet and ankles and to develop your grace and ease as you move - your feet contain proprioceptors that help you navigate through space and host the constant dialogue between our bodies to the earth. Give them some love. Get barefoot, grab a ball (tennis ball for those new to this, golf ball if you're a sadist) and give this a try.

  1. massage the plantar fascia with your ball. Spend some time here, use your body weight for more pressure and if you find tender spots, stay. Pay particular attention to the heel attachment and the bubbling spring point, in the middle ofthe foot.
  2. toe squat. Build up to five minutes here. Lean forward for less intensity, and separate the feet. Feet together and weight fully back is most intense.
  3. practice isolating your toe movements. Lift one toe at a time, then place them all back down one by one. Lift all the toes of one foot, then the other, then place them back down one by one. You get the idea, see if you can move your toes like your move your fingers.
  4. ankle squats - stand on tip toes, keep feet and knees parallel, squat til butt touches heels then rise again. Stay on your tip toes the whole time! Slowly. Do 8-15.
  5. top of ankle stretch. Sit on tops of feet, most people will prefer knees wide, and lean back slowly to rest on hands, then elbows. Maybe all the way down. Don't do this on hardwood without padding unless you're a master!! 😳 Ow! Stay up to five mins.

Done. Namaste! 🙏🏼