Winter Green Juice Boost

...for the old immune system.

This is beyond delicious. If you're not sold on green juices (grassy! Tastes like lawn clippings!), this might convert you. The secret ingredient is lemonade fruit, which I appreciate isn't to be found at Woolies or Coles, but hey, that's just a great reason to check out the Farmer's Market! :) Lemon will suffice, if you can't procure a lemonade fruit, but start with a quarter of the lemon and see how it tastes. If your lemonade/lemon is organic, juice the peel, heaps of yummy vitamins and minerals in there. If not organic, please peel before juicing. Wash your veggies well if you're using conventional produce, k?

1 pear
1 knob ginger
1 knob turmeric (start with a small knob, it can taste weird if you're not used to it) (optional)
Couple handfuls celery stalks and leaves
Couple handfuls of kale
1 whole lemonade fruit (or 1/4 or 1/2 lemon)
1 cucumber

Bung in your favourite juicer. Stir. Drink slowly. Mmm.

Makes about 400 mls

Health Benefits
Lemonade/Lemon: full of citric acid, which preserves Vit C activity and relieves congestion. High sulphur content dissolves mucous of respiratory system, cleanses body or toxins and has antiseptic and cleansing effect for the digestive system. Provides alkaline balance to body.
Ginger: relieves inflammation due to compounds gingerols (they reduce the production of nitric acid that causes free radical damage). Boosts immune system, relaxes digestion, provides antioxidant power and is warming to the body.
Pear: source of copper, potassium, iron, silicon and folate. And let's face it, they make all that green stuff taste better. ;)
Kale: high in cleansing minerals sulphur and chlorine, help expel waste matter from body. High in chlorophyll, Vit U. Alkalising.
Cucumber: great for the skin, hair and bones - high in silicon, sulphur and chlorine. Source of Vit E. Alkalising, diuretic, reduces excess uric acid in the blood.
Celery: long history of therapeutic benefits - great for the liver! Contains phthalides which help decrease nervous stress. Great source of Vit A. High in organic sodium, keeps calcium soluble in the bloodstream so great for osteoarthritis. Anti-inflammatory, diuretic, stimulates the pancreas. Source of alkalising chlorophyll.
Turmeric: anti-inflammatory powerhouse, source of curcumin. High in manganese, iron and copper.