Meet Nat...

The magical Nat Brazil is the next Y4A teacher we're featuring; Nat is a prenatal yoga teacher extraordinaire, as well as a Purna Yoga-trained Hatha yoga teacher and mama to two very cute short people. So much talent; so many skills! Here it is...Nat's interview.

What inspired you to become a yoga teacher?

After practicing yoga on and off for about 8 years, I began to notice a transformative change in my actual being. Initially this was purely very physical but gradually I noticed other positive benefits. I felt a deep yearning to incorporate it more completely into my life. Yoga is amazing because it accessible to everyone on all levels. One of the greatest misconceptions of yoga is that you have to be flexible to go to a class! I want to share my love of yoga!

Why teach at Yoga for All?

Yoga for All is a beautiful studio with a great ethic – it makes yoga financially accessible to everyone and has a great variety of different classes available from 6am til 7pm. What more could you ask for?

Favourite asana and why?

Trikonasana = Triangle pose. Love this asana because it is so simple but there is so much going on from the base, all the way up to the tips of the fingers. The balance of a triangle is beautiful and I like to imagine that I am suspended between the sky and the earth, being pulled in two different directions.

Can't live without?

Lemon and ginger tea first thing in the morning!

Life philosophy?

You never know what is just around the corner.