Meet Tess...

Hey guys - we've been running our brand new timetable for nearly a month now, and I know many of you are really enjoying the new classes and teachers, so we thought we'd better help you get to know them a little better...first up is Tess. Tess and I met at the old Hot Power Yoga studio; she's a totally lovely human and an absolutely incredible and dedicated teacher. Her Friday morning restorative class at 9:30 am is my absolute favourite!

Here's her interview...

What inspired you to become a yoga teacher?
I originally did my teacher training not knowing what would come of it. After enjoying yoga for many years I wanted to explore it more. I remember being in the Kimberley, WA for 4 months in 2009 isolated from yoga classes and having to form my own practice. I fumbled around with asanas that I could remember from classes at home but essentially I wanted to understand what it is I was doing and why. I loved the idea of learning more about yoga for myself but was also inspired to be able to learn and spread the 'yoga drug' around to others.

Why teach at Yoga for All?
For many reasons. Most of all I love the way I feel when I practice at Yoga For All, so I knew I would love teaching there. Tahnee & Lyra have created a space that carries a gentle, non-judgement and supportive feel. I like that there are no mirrors, the classes are smaller and that people can access yoga more readily through the 'by donation' philosophy. Plus all the teachers are pretty special people!

Favourite asana and why?
I have many of course but I particularly love Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana (Revolved Head-to-Knee Pose) followed by Savasana to enjoy the effects. I feel a sense of calm after that deep stretch into the side body. It targets opening in both the lower and upper body so you receive that full body experience.

Can't live without?
A great pot of Tea solves everything!

Life philosophy?
I can't pick one ....
Treat others in the same way you would want them to treat you.
Listen carefully to yourself, you usually know the answers already.
You want to do something ...get in & start working towards it!

Make sure you say hi to Tess if you see her around, and check out her classes.