The making of Yoga for All

It's not what you know, they always say, but who you know! And it's through a good friend that we are here we are today, preparing our little yoga space for launch in just a few weeks.  

The lovely Chris of Good Brother cafe (our friendly neighbours and purveyors of amazing coffee and food) led us to our space, and it was love at first sight. The arch windows, the intimate room, the high ceilings, the geometric beams, the street-level-yet-feels-like-you're-in-another-world vibe of the space, the beautiful Bowery building's long history. We were in. The builders have been hard at work, and we're currently setting up our lighting and fans, to prepare for summer's onslaught. The plumbing's done and the is underway, and then it's the sparkie's turn before we lay our beautiful bamboo flooring. We've done our best to source environmentally friendly fittings, flooring, and of course mats and props. We're excited to be using the following suppliers:

  • Embelton bamboo flooring from Churchill's Carpet Court, Parry St Newcastle 
  • LovEarth Yoga Mats from LovEarth
  • Manduka Cork Blocks (sustainably harvested) 
  • LED dimmable lights from Beacon Lighting, Kotara
  • Recycled/upcycled materials to create bolsters and straps (crafted by the uber-talented Lyra!)
  • Who Gives a Crap toilet paper (we'll do a blog post on these guys at a later date, very cool company) 
  • Homemade olive oil candles (we might run a workshop on how to make these if you're keen) 

We will also use a Durand water filter and encourage you to bring your own re-usable water bottle to refill, as well as supplying organic fruit and teas for post-class snacking. 

We often chat about what a daunting prospect it is to start to take on some of the bigger issues in the world, but hey, if everyone does their own little bit, well, it makes a difference! 

We've been working hard all day removing the old signage - think heat guns, ruined fingernails and I (Tahnee) even knocked myself in the face and made my lip bleed!

We'll keep you updated on our progress, and we can't wait to get some shots of our studio up on the website for you all to see. Classes start Nov 18, we can't wait to meet you! 

Out with the old (signage), in with the new!

Out with the old (signage), in with the new!