The Y4A Story

Yoga For All was founded by two friends Tahnee McCrossin and Lyra Burghaus in a place called ‘No Name’ in mid 2013.

At this time yoga in Australia was being monopolized by all the big yoga businesses and only really accessible to those who could afford the hefty membership fees.

‘Wouldn’t it be great if we could work it so that yoga was accessible for everyone’ they mused. And so there it was, Yoga For All, Australia’s first Pay-What-You-Can studio was born.

By the end of 2013 our humble little studio hatched from behind the scaffolding at 39 Bolton St and so the journey began.

The studio was a hit from the start, people from all walks of life began to realise that with an option to PWYC, yoga was not only accessible but affordable. Along with some incredible students we began to attract some pretty rad teachers too. Infact, most of them are still with us now (literally and in spirit).

As the girls went their separate ways, Lyssa Spencer stepped in and took on the role of studio owner in early 2015. She might be the bill payer but firmly believes the success of the studio is a result of the love and commitment from both teachers and students alike.

We’ve expanded to new locations, tried and tested lots of different classes, workshops and events. We’ve had huge wins and learnt lots of valuable lessons! One thing that has remained the same over the last 5 and a half years is our passion, our heart, our dedication to growth and the accessibility of our teachings. We love keeping it real!

As Yoga For All continues to grow, diversify and expand we keep our core values at the forefront of everything we do.

From the very start our intention has been to provide a space where everyone feels welcome, where students are guided to discover the wonder of their own bodies and where the many myths of what yoga is (and isn’t) are debunked.

The next phase of our journey sees us continuing to offer an extensive range of yoga styles to suit all needs with a focus on moving into training teachers the Yoga For All way so we can continue to grow our vision of making yoga accessible. For All.

Welcome to our studio and mostly welcome to what will be an ever-changing, not boring, sometimes challenging but always loving journey with us, the Yoga For All crew.

Love to you all,

Lys and The Team.

yoga for all newcastle
yoga for all newcastle
yoga for all newcastle

Yoga for All is Australia's only 'pay-what-you-can' yoga studio.

Yoga For All was founded in 2013 with the intention of offering students the flexibility of ‘pay-what-you-can’. We endeavour to offer only the highest level of teaching, intimate sized classes so we have the time to really assist with your personal needs and as always with a focus on quality over quantity.

Our teachers are awesome, dedicated humans who are constantly learning and growing (at Yoga for All, we're all students first, teachers second!). We genuinely love yoga and we're stoked to be sharing our passion with you! Every teacher at Yoga for All is encouraged to be unique, individual and authentic, so our classes can vary depending on the teacher. We don't stick to set sequences, as we believe the body needs a variety of movement in order to be healthy. We encourage you to try all the different teachers and styles - you never know what is going to capture your heart!

We host a number of International Yoga Teachers throughout the year and also offer courses, workshops and events. Find out more at What’s On. Please see our Timetable for details, or sign up to our newsletter to be notified when the next course is scheduled.