Specializes in : Power Yoga, Vinyasa and Yin

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Virginia’s passion for health and wellness developed over a long time and Virginia is still on this journey, and thinks she always will be.

In early 2009 Virginia decided that the corporate world was overrated and wanted to make a major change in her life. This is when Virginia embarked on her yoga journey initially practicing Kundalini yoga in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. At the same time Virginia started to think about starting her own business. Virginia wanted to find a way to combine her passion for travel, which she had been doing consistently since her early 20’s when she left Australia and lived and worked in Europe for 7 years, with health and wellness and her skills as an event manager.

This is when Virginia came up with the idea for Soulfit adventures www.soulfitadventures.com


It took Virginia a while to move completely away from her corporate life but she finally cut the ties that bound her in September 2013. Virginia is very grateful to have been part of the amazing Power Living Australia community in Sydney before relocating up the coast to Newcastle in December 2012, becoming part of the equally amazing Yoga For All community in May 2014. Virginia completed her 200 hour Power Yoga teacher training with modern Australian master yogi, Duncan Peak in April 2013 and completed 60 hours Yin Yoga teacher training with Power Living in November 2014.  Virginia is currently working towards completing her 500 hour teacher training with Power Living.

Virginia teachers power vinyasa and yin yoga. Virginia's power vinyasa classes are strong with a focus on correct alignment but she never takes herself too seriously and you are always guaranteed at least one laugh during class! Her yin yoga classes are all about letting go and getting to a sleep like state where there is just stillness. Virginia believes that yoga is for everyone and anyone CAN do it if they are willing to try.


You can join Virginia in the studio or if you are game on one of her Soulfit adventures…  Check out her websitewww.soulfitadventures.com to find out more or follow her on facebook and Instagram.



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