4 Week Course : Foam Roller

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4 Week Course : Foam Roller


Perfect if you :

  • have never used a foam roller before and want to learn
  • have some foam roller experience and want to learn more
  • know how to use a foam roller and want to learn more
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Foam Roller 4 Week Course

In this 1 hr hour weekly course you will learn to use your foam roller to stretch, strengthen and massage the whole body. A roller works the same way as a massage, by breaking up the fibrous tissue that has built up so you have better circulation and energy flow, reducing exercise related muscle soreness and stress. If you use the foam roller regularly you will have less muscle tension and pain and enhanced range of motion.Foam rollers can be used in a variety of different yoga poses and postures and can help you balance and release your muscles .
Performing exercises on an unstable surface is a surefire way to engage more core muscles and make total-body exercises.

Where : Yoga For All Bolton, 39 Bolton Street, Newcastle

Runs : Wednesday evenings 27th Sept - 18th Oct , 7.15pm -8.15pm

Teacher : Toni