At Yoga for All we teach the following styles of Yoga. All our classes are suitable for beginners, though please note that a Flow 2 class is geared at more experienced students. We pride ourselves on being friendly and welcoming and we'd love for you to start your yoga journey with us at Yoga for All. We supply mats and props, so you just need to bring yourself, a hand towel and some water.

Flow 1

An ALL LEVELS practice. Gentle yoga flow (vinyasa) suitable for beginners or those looking for a simpler, active practice. 

Flow 2

For ADVENTUROUS BEGINNERS and INTERMEDIATE STUDENTS. Active, strong vinyasa classes linking movement to breath in a continuous flow.

Forrest Inspired Yoga

An ALL LEVELS practice. Created by Ana T Forrest (nothing to do with an actual forest) 

Forrest Yoga combines some of the more traditional styles of yoga but with a modern day slant. We work closely with common problem areas including neck, shoulders, back and abdominals. It is a slower paced practice with a focus on strengthening as well as lengthening the muscles and has a huge emphasis on breath work.

Room is heated during cooler months.

Learn more about Forrest yoga here:

Flow + Let Go

An ALL LEVELS practice. A yummy mix of more active poses with some long, deep holds, a little sweaty, a little stretchy, suitable for all levels. 

Yin Yoga

An ALL LEVELS practice. Long, static, stretchy holds targeting the deep tissues and meridians, focusing on relaxation and mindful presence. Suitable for almost all levels. 

Vinyasa Yoga

An ALL LEVELS practice. A more active style of yoga, with a series of poses linked together in a purposeful way to ensure you get good movement all over.


Heart Space Meditation

An ALL LEVELS practice. Discover the joy of meditating. This class is an invitation to enter on a journey to the wondrous depths of your beautiful heart, and learn simple and effective techniques to gain a better understanding of your mind and its essence.  Whether you are brand new to meditation or have a practice and are seeking a group to sit with, all you need is the curiosity to learn what meditation really is… To just simply be…


Bliss Out Restorative

An ALL LEVELS practice. Restorative yoga to help revive your tired body and mind. A healing practice for everyone, particularly great for stress, injured folk, older people or those who just need a gentler practice. Great for beginners. Supremely relaxing - you'll leave blissed out!

Hridaya Hatha Yoga

An ALL LEVELS practice. Hridaya means Heart in Sanskrit. In Hridaya we hold traditional yoga asanas for a longer time, encouraging deep relaxation which allows tension to be released, the mind to calm and the body to open to the free flow of energy.  Each pose become an opportunity to open the heart and establish a more intimate relationship with yourself and awareness of who you really are.  It is a contemplative practice where you develop and learn to rest in the present moment, in pure awareness.  Tamara is one of only a few  Hridaya Yoga teachers in Australia and we're very excited to have Hridaya on offer at Yoga for All. 

Stretch Therapy

An ALL LEVELS practice. Stretch Therapy (ST) is a comprehensive system that includes stretching, fascial
remodelling, strengthening, neural re-patterning, and relaxation. The goals are grace and ease, and this is experienced as enhanced awareness and elegance in movement.ST is suitable for everyone,
regardless of age or fitness level.
We use a number of techniques to improve the Range of Movement (ROM) of the
body; nerves, fascia and muscles are used as ‘gateways’ to change the brain.Re-patterning
inactive muscles are made active; knees, shoulders, and elbows are stabilised; posture
and alignment are made more efficient.
Strengthening the capacity of the whole body to exert force is the emphasis here; most of our techniques are body-weight only, and all involve the ‘core’. Relaxation The forgotten part of any health optimisation program. Here, ‘relaxation’ is used as a fundamental part of rejuvenation and regeneration practises. Together, the Stretch Therapy elements enable anyone to improve flexibility, and to perform ordinary and extraordinary tasks with greater ease and better performance,and for longer in life.
Stretch Therapy is a safe and efficient way for anyone to achieve grace and ease in
daily life, whether as an office worker, or an athlete. Stretch Therapy is used by
pregnant women, teenagers, sportspeople, coaches, employers, and men and women
of all ages.