At Yoga for All our aim is to educate our students on the diversity of yoga. We offer a range of different styles including Vinyasa, Yin, Forrest Inspired and Hridaya. 

All our classes are suitable for all levels, ages and abilities. We pride ourselves on being friendly and welcoming and we'd love for you to start your yoga journey with us at Yoga for All.

We supply mats and props, so you just need to bring yourself, a hand towel and some water.

Flow 1

Suitable for : ALL LEVELS

A gentle movement based class (vinyasa) Simple, fluid movements linked to breath. 

Flow 2

Suitable for : ALL LEVELS 

An active, strong movement class linking movements to breath in a continuous flow.

Forrest Inspired Yoga

Suitable for : ALL LEVELS  

A strength based class with a focus on breath, longer holds in poses and core strengthening work.

Flow + Let Go

Suitable for :  ALL LEVELS 

A yummy mix of more active movement with some long, deep holds. A little sweaty, a little stretchy. 

Yin Yoga

Suitable for : ALL LEVELS 

Long, static stretchy poses targeting the deep tissues with a focus on relaxation and mindful presence. 

Bliss Out Restorative

Suitable for :  ALL LEVELS 

A healing practice for everyone, particularly great for stress, injured folk, older people or those who just need a gentler practice. Supremely relaxing.

Hridaya Hatha Yoga

Suitable for : ALL LEVELS 

Long holds in traditional yoga poses encouraging deep relaxation and tension release. This is a contemplative practice and calming for the mind.  

Stretch Therapy

Suitable for :  ALL LEVELS 

A range of different techniques that help improve range of movement and flexibility. A relaxing practice targeting the deep tissues of the body.