Workshop : Yin Yoga & Art Therapy

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Spring Art Yin Workshop (2).jpg
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Workshop : Yin Yoga & Art Therapy


Perfect for :

  • all levels of experience and ability
  • creatives and 'non-creatives'


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Workshop : Yin Yoga & Art Therapy

Peeling off Layers - Expanding into Spring
Tap into what is emerging for you this Spring through a wholistic 3hr workshop moving through the wood element - body & psyche. The workshop is designed to make space for growth, expansion & vision that can be carried through the season of Spring & prepare you for Summer. Are your dreams and plans blossoming?
Tess will be guiding you through a yin yoga practice. Yin yoga encourages you to move more deeply into the body and more deeply into stillness. The practice will focus on stimulating and replenishing our liver & gallbladder organs/meridians (energy channels). Once your body has been unlocked, Naomi will be guiding you through a series of therapeutic processes with an intention of growing self-awareness.

We often hold an energetic memory of stuck emotions and old traumas in our bodies. Yin yoga allows us to drop into deeper conversations with ourselves and puts us into the perfect energetic alignment to do deep soul work. Transpersonal art therapy relies on the wisdom we all inherently hold and uses mark making (no artistic skill required) to give expression to what lies under the surface. What needs to come forward to help us grow. With the weather warming us from our winter stillness what better time to check in with ourselves and prepare to expand into our visions & dreams with confidence - connecting with yourself, like minds and a sense of the sacred.

Light snack and art supplies are included in the workshop cost. 

Please bring a mug for tea.

When : Friday 17th November 6.45-9.45pm

Where : Yoga For All - Bolton

Investment : $75 per person (includes workshop, snack & art supplies)

Teachers : Tess Hynes & Naomi Wild