WORKSHOP : Essential Connection w/ Matt Worley & Claudia Scalisi


WORKSHOP : Essential Connection w/ Matt Worley & Claudia Scalisi

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Essential Connection:
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~ Deepening connection, trust and joy through partner yoga play & essential oils ~

The Essential Connection workshop is a journey through the heart into the soul of being present with one another - join with your beloved or your best mate, it doesn't matter who you are connecting with, so long as you arrive with an open mind & a willing heart.

All human interactions begin with the relationship we have with ourselves first, from this solid platform we can begin to build upon our relating with others.

Where: Yoga for All – Bolton Street

When: Sat 2nd June 12:00pm to 2pm

Exchange: $60 p/couple Or $35pp

(this includes a sample of these high vibe essential oils for you to take home + delicious vegan refreshments for after class)

This 2hr is led by Newcastle based yoga teacher Matt Worley & his Perth based partner Claudia Scalisi. These two enigmatic yoga teachers have been supporting their long distance relationship through mindfulness, play and deep connection & they are opening up their secrets of how to grow while living apart from your beloved with you!

During this workshop they'll be sharing with you some of the ways in which they continue to support their connection & keep their relationship alive & spicy! Living with yogic principles of surrender, trust and mindful body movement, these two yogis introduced another sense into their interaction; the powerful sense of smell and aromatic anchoring.

Bring your favourite human and enjoy being guided through breath meditations, partner yoga, therapeutic flying + some acro-yoga play along with heart opening aromas of specially chosen essential oils to help infuse your connection with a new point of return. 

Prepare to elevate your relationship to whole new level...

As you learn how to hold space for one another, you'll begin to uncover your own techniques to help you learn how to read your partners energy with your eyes, your touch and with your heart.

Be present. It's powerful