Forrest Inspired Yoga Immersion w/ Lys

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Forrest Inspired Yoga Immersion w/ Lys


Perfect for :

  • those looking to deepen their yoga practice
  • those who love longer practices
  • anyone interested in learning more about Forrest Inspired Yoga

Yoga For All Charlestown

1.30-3.30 pm

Saturday 31st March

Bookings essential  : $25

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Forrest Inspired Yoga Immersion w/ Lys

At a loose end on Easter Saturday? Then this might be the perfect way to spend your afternoon.

For those of you who love an extended practice and enjoy going deeper then join Lys for a 2hr FY immersion.

What is Forrest Yoga?

A powerful healing style of Hatha Yoga designed to address modern-day issues - both physical ailments such as low back pain, neck and shoulder tension and over worked wrists - as well as emotional strains such as stress, anxiety, and a sense of disconnection from self and others.