4 Week Course : Yoga For Core Strength & Stability w/ Lys (Bolton)


4 Week Course : Yoga For Core Strength & Stability w/ Lys (Bolton)


Perfect for :

  • postural problems
  • strengthening weak areas of your body
  • stabilising joints
  • back pain
  • diastasis recti (separation)
  • and so much more!
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Yoga is not just about flexibility. There is an important component of strength and stability that often gets overlooked. Being strong and stable in our core can prevent all kinds of problems including hyper-extension, poor posture, back pain, neck and shoulder pain, digestive issues and more.

This course is specifically designed to bring your awareness to areas of your body you may not even know you have to create increased awareness and strength to all areas of your body. 

Lyssa will teach practical and easy to apply techniques that can be practiced from home as a daily program of action to ensure you continue your journey to a more stable and strong core once the course is over.

If you are suffering with neck, back, hip or shoulder pain, feel weak in any of these areas or just simply want to work on gaining a bit more strength then this course is a must-do.

When : Thursday 10th -31st May

Where : Yoga For All (Bolton)

Time : 7pm - 8.15pm

Cost : $100

Teacher : Lyssa

Bookings essential